Coding Dictionary
Telework Definition: Telework (also known as telecommuting or remote work) describes the practice of employees working outside of the physical office campus.

Keywords: telework, "work from home", "hybrid work", "flexible work arrangements"
Training Programs Definition: Career training (or professional development) describes educational programs for employees to enhance their skills and experience.

Keywords: "professional development", "job training", "training opportunities", "skill development"
Wellness Programs Definition: Wellness programs are designed to improve and promote health and fitness mentally and physically.

Keywords: wellness, "employee wellness program", healthy, fitness, "Employee assistance program", EAP
Insurance Plans Definition: Insurance benefits include health, dental, eye, and other relevant medical needs.

Keywords: insurance, "health insurance", "medical coverage", "medical insurance"
Paid Time Off Definition: Paid time off is personal time that employees take to spend out of the office (and not working) while still receiving salary and benefits.

Keywords: "paid time off", "PTO", "paid holidays", vacation, "time off accrual"
Tuition Assistance Definition: Tuition assistance programs give employees compensation for the past or future cost of education tutition.

Keywords: tuition OR "tuition reimbursement" OR "education reimbursement" OR "student debt" OR "student loans"
Transit Subsidies Definition: Transportation subsidies refer to employer benefit programs that reduce the cost of moving (including relocation assistance) or commuting to the workplace.

Keywords: relocation, "moving costs", relocate, "Free Bus Transportation", "transit pass", "transit expense"